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Tree Removal in Ottawa

Trees are one of the most beautiful features of the natural world, which is why removing them from your residential or commercial property in the Ottawa area can be a difficult decision to make. There are few things better than a tall, healthy tree on your home or business’s landscape, but when its health has become compromised, that tree is a hazard to everyone!

Rather than put your property and anyone on it at risk, take the necessary precautions and get the tree removed by the qualified, licensed and insured team of professionals at Rick’s Environmental Solutions Ltd. For the last several years, we have been proud to help Ottawa commercial and residential properties improve their overall security by removing problematic trees in a safe manner.

Thanks to our extensive experience removing all types and sizes of trees in the area, there isn’t a tree removal job we aren’t confident we can complete. So, if you need a tree or several trees removed from your property, call (613) 27-5947 to tell us about your tree removal needs. Once we know what you need, we’ll be able to provide you with a free quote.

Why You Need Tree Removal Services

People all over Ottawa agree that there are few things better in our local landscape than the number of beautiful trees. But there are certain situations where we have to look beyond esthetics and focus on what’s best for your needs. And if there is a tree on your property that could come crashing down onto your home or business any second, then it’s worth your while to get it removed before it has a chance to do serious damage. Here are some reasons why you need to consider getting tree removal services.

  • Prevent property damage. Whenever a tree has grown dangerously close to the building, power lines or underground sewage lines, it should be removed. As the tree continues to grow, it could cause serious damage so it’s better to be proactive and have the tree extracted by the team at Rick’s Environmental Solutions Ltd. before it’s too late.
  • Reduce your liability. You may think that branches falling onto cars or people below rarely happens, but it does happen and you will be liable when it does. When you have a tree on your property that looks like its existence is getting riskier and riskier, give us a call and we’ll be glad to assess its integrity for you.
  • Disease. If one of the trees on your commercial or residential property is diseased beyond the point of treatment, then tree removal might be your only viable course of action. Having the tree removed can prevent the disease from spreading to other trees on your property or in the area.
  • Leaning or badly damaged. If bad weather has put your tree in a precarious position, getting rid of it is typically the only thing you can do.

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